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Favorite winter gear for kids 2023-2024

A cold kid is not a happy kid, and a cold kid makes for a short day on the mountain.  Take it from a mom of 4, how you prepare for your day on the slopes can make and break the entire experience.

Here are our Top winter gear items for kids that truly are game changers for the family. 


You know the line, you get what you pay for?  It's true.  Especially in unpredictable weather on a mountain.  Keeping your child warm and dry is critical to the day.  If you have a snowboarder who is constantly sitting in the snow to strap in to their board, quality snowpants are a must or you'll have wet bottom within the first 1-2 hours.  

We've had great luck with Obermeyer bib snow pants

Why? Because kids fall and these snow pants prevent snow from going up the jacket getting clothes wet.  

Winter jacket

Our favorite snow jackets for kids include an interior powder skirt.  This prevents snow from "riding up" to places you don't want it when you fall.  But, warmth is key again.  3-in-1 jackets have worked well for spring season when the temps warm up and you need to shed a layer without buying another coat. But, they lack the powder skirt and pit zips.   

So, here is an example of a jacket that worked well Obermeyer jacket.


We have tried almost every brand of glove out there and every trick of the trade to keep hands warm.  Our best success with gloves resulted in skiing and snowboarding all day (7 hr.s) with no complaints of cold or wet hands.  A true parenting WIN moment.

Our current favorite is this Hestra.  (*I know this is a major investment)

Others ons that worked well were Burton brand.


You get one head, so you better take care of it.  Last year we had our first on-the-slopes collision that resulted in a 4 week concussion.  Needless to say, we take helmets very seriously.  One word....MIPS.  

Here is a helmet similar to what we use with our kids, Giro MIPS 

Ski or Snowboard Carrier

I have a rule, if my kids carry their own ski/snowboard equipment we can go every weekend.  But I also set them up for success with a Ski Pack and Rider Pack to help carry their equipment to and from the slopes.  We don't miss a weekend very often, and honestly, no one complains.  

The packs are all available here.


These are just a few of our favorite things that help keep our kids safe and warm.

What about socks, and clothing?  Don't worry, we found a few links that address it well, so we don't need to be redundant.  But it's all personal, so do what works best for you. 


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