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About Us

Pure Mountain Fun is focused on delivering pocket-size solutions for families to maximize their experience at ski resorts worldwide.  

The company was inspired by two fun-loving 10 year olds in 2020, seeking to ease the process of getting to the ski slopes with their families.  Centered around the idea of maximizing time with friends and family, while minimizing everyday stressors, the company has carved a niche of providing simple, light-weight solutions for the youngest skiers and snowboarders in the industry.

As parents, we strive to pass down a love for the outdoors, and know that simplicity is key in the execution.  As costs continue to rise, we want experiences to be as smooth as possible to maximize the positive memories made throughout the day.

Our priority is to create and deliver durable products that can be used multiple ski seasons, that simplify a family outdoor adventure.  Let’s be honest, when your child, and your hands are free from carrying equipment, you can walk hand-in-hand, enjoy a snack, or even throw a snowball at each other.  Keeping fun from the start to finish really helps keep the memories on the slopes and has a child asking to return.

Based in Littleton, CO, Pure Mountain Fun continues to operate as a family owned business serving the needs of ski industry nationwide. 

In 2020, Pure Mountain Fun invented The Ski Pack; the only hands-free and pocket-size ski carrier designed by kids, and for kids.  The goal of the ski pack is simple; eliminate the fuss and stress that comes with carrying ski equipment.

In 2022 The Rider Pack was launched supporting snowboarders with a similar solution.  A hands-free and pocket-size snowboard carrier for the youngest snowboarder to seasoned professional.

The special edition line, The 'Chute Pack, offers Ski Packs and Rider Packs made from repurposed military parachutes and eco-friendly components.  A portion of sales from The 'Chute Pack goes to Azimuth Check Foundation to directly support military veterans and their families seeking to get outdoors.

Pure Mountain Fun has developed strategic partnerships with industry leaders to support product expansion and sustainability initiatives.