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Front image of the purple Rider Pack featuring pink straps with adjusters. Teal straps go across the snowboard to hold it secure.
Back image of the purple Rider Pack which features purple ripstop fabric with pink straps. Strap adjusters and a d-ring are included.
The Purple Rider Pack on a youth from a side image
Image showing Rider Pack on a Snowboard.  Bottom strap goes below lower binding.  Top strap goes through the top binding.
Teenager wearing Rider pack

Rider Pack - Purple

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The New Purple Rider Pack is a snowboard carrier specifically designed to help kids  and adults carry their snowboard and accessories hands-free.  Adjustable straps create a customized fit.  The Rider Pack fits in most ski jacket pockets.

The small Rider Pack fits snowboards from 80 cm-120 cm, and riders ~4 feet 6 inches in height.

The large Rider Pack fits snowboards of 120cm+.