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We Want Your Vote

We want your input. There are a variety of color options for the initial launch of “The Ski Pack.”   From now until June 1, we want your feedback and vote. What color combinations do you like most? Select your top 5 colors and enter to win a free ski pack for participating. July 1 we will announce the initial rollout colors and begin taking preorders for guaranteed delivery before ski season. Thank you for your vote!

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It All Started in a Parking Lot...

It all started in a parking lot with frustrated kids and parents. Why does the walk to the chair lift have to be so difficult, and why has no one solved this problem yet? Meet Madeline and Zachary. Two kids with one great idea, “the ski pack.” They initially developed a prototype for a Destination Imagination project. One day “testing” the packs at the slopes proved their idea was more than a fun adventure. Multiple families approached the kids asking where they purchased the ski pack. Zachary and Madeline’s parents decided it was time to take “The Ski Pack” a step further by securing a patent and starting a business. This is truly by kids, and for kids. “The Ski...

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